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A divorce action in Michigan is started by filing a Compliant for Divorce in the proper court.  Most often, parties will come to a settlement agreement before their case goes to trial.  The parties will enter a consent judgment of divorce, and when the court enters it, the parties are officially divorced.  There are many steps in between filing a complaint and entry of the final judgment.  Motions may be filed for parenting time, custody, financial issues, exclusive use of the home, and more.  The parties may be ordered to go to mediation to attempt to resolve the case before going to trial.  If you have questions about divorce, it is important to speak with a skilled attorney.  You do not have to hire an attorney for the whole case, you can hire them for specific parts of the case, like discussing your divorce options, or you can hire them to draft  just the  final judgment of divorce for you.  To speak for free with an attorney for 15 minutes , click here.